Sunday, February 25, 2007

Automatic Sprinkler

A friend brought over some baby boy clothes for us and she bought a onesie that says "Automatic Sprinkler" on the front. Sista, that's the truth. I keep getting peed on! LOL He's such a good baby though, such a sweet demeanor.

My Lilibelle has been sick since CJ came home. She started vomiting yesterday afternoon and hasn't stopped. She's slept most of the past day and a half. We typically don't go to the emergency room unless it falls under my "blue or bloody" rule. Because of Lili's long medical history if she goes to the hospital with a runny nose it will turn into a week and a half stay. I hope she gets better this evening or we may be stalking the doctors office tomorrow morning. She's definitely not going to preschool tomorrow. Poor baby hasn't went a full week since she started.

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Anonymous said...

Hope she is feeling better!!