Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's a boy!

We received a placement call yesterday for a two week old little boy that is supposed to be discharged from the hospital today.

We spent the evening digging through our baby clothes tubs that have been through our 4 girls. Not too much in the way of green or blue so we headed out to Target to buy a special coming home outfit.

I slept well last night, amazing since I'm so excited to meet this new little one. I did wake up this morning before the alarm though. The house is quiet, I'm dressed to shoes, my washer is running and breakfast is ready for everyone once they wake up.

I'll post more later!


FosterMommy said...

That's sooo exciting! A little baby to snuggle!
And, hey, don't discount the fun of dressing a little boy in pastels. Truly, around the house, what does it matter?
but i *hate* that people are so ingrained in the "color of clothing=gender" thing, that I like to mess with their minds. Really, anything other than pink shouldn't be automatically assigned a gender. Pink=girl is a hard habit to break.

(p.s. I'm dressed to shoes
Flylady much?)

Susan said...

Congratulations! Newborn is my favorite age and boys are so wonderful. I'm glad you slept last night, not likely to get much tonight! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Congrats!! I have a few little guy you want me to send to you?? It's not a lot but I'll do whatever I can!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new baby! Smell his head for me! I think babies' heads smell heavenly!

- Angel
(who got here through Baggage And Bug")

Yondalla said...


Mary said...


Fostermama said...

Baggage...thanks for the link & the offer. It's so nice to hear a little enthusiasm as our own family is not very excited :( But a friend whose baby boy is 5 now is bringing over her little boy things this weekend. We'll be set!

FosterMommy said...

how can your family not be excited?
Have they *seen* him yet? I'm sure he's cute enough to wipe the frown off anyone's face.

I'm glad you have friends with clothes. We're hoping that nobody in our friend-set will have to buy clothes unless they want to. Everything's getting passed around.