Friday, February 16, 2007

SW & CASA Visit

Our SW was here this afternoon. I always go a little nuts before these visits, cleaning like crazy and worrying that the house isn't good enough. I don't know why, it's always so laid back and barely any fuss. This same SW placed Lili in her former foster home and has seen her since she was a tiny 4 pound preemie released from the hospital at 5 months old. Lili always seems to remember her and clings to her while she's here.

We told the SW that we were open to calls again. She said she almost called with a 9 month old with Leukemia that needed to be moved to a different foster home to be close to the children's hospital -we're just blocks away. It just breaks my heart to think of a little one so sick. I think the placement office is closed Monday for President's day so we'll be expecting a call Tuesday.

So we might have a new foster child in just a few days.

Jo's CASA volunteer also dropped by to see her today. She was on Jo's case (and Vivi's and Eckida's) until her adoption and hadn't seen her since. She said that she looks so much bigger since October. Jo was actually quite the brat the whole time she was here....throwing fits, whining and just generally cranky. The girls have boycotted naps lately and that makes all of us pretty cranky by late afternoon.


CA Momma said...

I know, I always freak out and clean like crazy. Why? You're right, everything is always so laid back like you said. Doesn't stop me from doing it EVERY time.

fostermama said...

Our social worker came on Friday for our yearly re-cert, and she didn't even poke her head around. Oh well, the cleaning won't go to waste, we are having people over tonight.