Sunday, February 4, 2007


Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I can't get her to stop moving today! I put Jo's hair back in cornrows yesterday. I was trying for a Valentine's Day style but I don't really like how it turned out. I do like how the beads are part of the braids, I will try that again.

I tried the crossover pattern in the center but because of Jo's short spot I'm going to take it out and redo. We'll try again in a few months when it's long enough for me to incorporate into a cornrow.

About a year ago we were fighting a huge battle with ringworm. Lili brought it from her former foster home and we couldn't shake it. Everytime one of us was clear someone else still had it and spread it back around. Jo lost a patch of hair to it, it's growing back in now (thank goodness) but I still have to plan my parts carefully.


CA Momma said...

I love how the hearts are part of the braid also.

Ahauna said...

You did a great job! I love the hearts.

fostermama said...

(the other fostermama, here)
Ugh, ringworm sucks!
Niblet got it from her daycare, and brought it home to the cats. We used anti-fungal cream on Niblet's head, because it wasn't somewhere she touched often. On the cats, who lick every part of their body, we've had success before with goldenseal (3 drops of tincture in 1/8 cup of warm water). But they're still fighting it off. Recently added grapefruit seed extract drops on the food of the one who has it worse, and that seems to be helping.

Glad to know that her hair is growing back. Niblet's still got a big ol' bald spot (about the size of a half dollar, which is how big it already was when we noticed it - it must've grown really fast). I don't think her parents continued the treatment for it when she went home, unfortunately. Hopefully it won't get worse, and she'll grow some hair there eventually.

I worry about getting things like that with foster kids. We were warned in training that they might have lice, ringworm, etc. It seems cruel to inspect a kid like an animal right when they first come to your house - not really a great welcome. Yet thesse are all thigns that when caught right away are SO much easier to deal with and effectively eradicate. Do you have ideas about how to prevent this from happening again?

Fostermama said...

I don't know how to keep it from happening again...but now that I know what a monster it is....I will be oh-so-diligent the next time round!