Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jo's hair is getting so long that I'm able to do less parts and I think it makes her look soooo much older. That can't be my tiny 4 lb baby....can it?

DP and I have really been having some heart to heart talks about continuing to foster. Sometimes I think that it's so much easier now that everyone is walking, talking and sleeping through the night that I would be nuts to shake things up.

I was gently reminded today that I am called. It really doesn't matter whether or not I'm ready...I am called.


Amanda said...

Her hair is adorable!! Where did you learn to do it? Do you have websites / books you could point me to?

fostermama said...

(other fostermama)
Yep. The "called" thing.
I never could've imagined feeling that way about anything before this. I still have a bit of cognitive dissonance about it. But there it is.