Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Dream House

I was reading FosterAbba's blog today and she posted a link her dream house. My current place is pretty close to my dream "house" but not quite. My dream place would be a loft space downtown. Not downtown here though....we looked quite a bit but it still not ready to support families. Our downtown is undergoing some recent revitalization and is becoming a really neat neighborhood with some great renovated loft buildings but there isn't much for kiddos yet. We bought a loft in a smaller more established neighborhood instead. I love how open our space is and how "walkable" our neighborhood is....but it's still not downtown.

Here's a pic of my dream loft. What's your dream house?


CA Momma said...

I couldn't find the perfect pic but a big old farmhouse on a bit of land would do me nicely. Could I also have a loft in the city though? I'd need to go shopping of course.

Renee, said...

I posted a picture of my dream home on my blog!

Anonymous said...

First time to the blog and this seemed like a good place to jump in. I don't have a picture of it, but the house that we're moving into the end of this week is my current "dream house". We've been living in a crappy little trailer with mice and drafts while waiting to build our dream house here in the country. My hubby finally realized that it wasn't going to happen and we are buying a house from some friends back in the city. It's in the city (which is the biggest plus) and it's 2400 square feet, upstairs downstairs with a HUGE kitchen. Who could ask for more. I can cook again...YAY!!!