Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hair Pics

I realized I havn't posted hair pics in a while. I love this do on Jo. I have front cornrows parted and pulled into piggie tails. The back is in simple box braids all ending in beads and snaps. I made small ballies using beads from instructions on It's a nice finishing touch to this style. This is my first time attempting to cornrow in anything but a front-back row. I love how this looks on her!

For Lili's do I attempted to copy a style from the Yahoo group. The parts were beaded with heart beads all leading back to one pony poof but Lili pulled it all out after one night. It needs to grow a little longer before this style will work successfully. I loved how her hair looked pulled completely off her face though. So pretty.


Maggie said...

I like Jo's hair a lot. The pigtails are adorable.

fostermama said...

I like both styles.

The first time I pulled Niblet's hair all off her face, it made her look *so grown up.*

Jo has such long hair for a 2 yr old. Did she start out with a lot, or does it just grow fast?

Gawdessness said...

absolutely gorgeous!
Lovely job.

Renee, said...

youve done a great job! I went through a period when I was experimenting with all sorts of styles and braiding Olivias hair. Her hair is just fine enough that the styles dont hold and I find that it takes me as long to get the styles OUT as it does to get them in..but Im feeling inspired get our beads out and play!

SO when do we get an update about CJ? Im so excited you have a newborn in the house, any idea yet how the case looks to go?

Fostermama said...

Jo came into the world with a head of hair....I had to learn quick! By the time she was 4-5 months old cute headbands wouldn't work anymore...I had to start learning to part and poof!