Monday, January 29, 2007

Ready, set, go!

So if you havn't noticed my timeline has been updated with a date that hasn't happened yet. We have decided to open up to another foster placement once we know Lili has transitioned to preschool successfully. I'm now very optimistic that she will.

Lili has blossomed in the past week or so. Learning to walk independantly has opened up a whole new world for her. She is learning new skills every second, trying to repeat everything we say and attempting to be an independant two year old. She has also begun "melting" into you when you hold her. She has always been so stiff and rigid, we had to teach her how to be held. This past week she even fell asleep in my arms. She also brought me a blankie and crawled up into my lap. wow. So many things have just "clicked" for her. She has been so happy. I think preschool is going to continue to open up the world for her, being able to communicate will make her get frustrated less and make her an even happier girl. I'm so proud of her. Her PT even said she no longer needs splints and we can go down to an in-shoe orthotic since she is walking so straight and strong. Yeah Lili!

So I'm officially "in between" placements and having some down time. I'm preparing for another placement by doing a bunch of projects and organizing the house. The spare bedroom will become the "boys room". We're going to wait a few weeks to tell our caseworker so we don't get bombarded with calls and take a placement before we're ready.

Ready, set, go!


Maggie said...

Congratulations! That's great.

It sounds like Lili is making some impressive progress. Time, effort, and consistency pay off, don't they?

Amanda said...

Glad to hear that Lili is doing so well in school. Can't wait to "meet" your next placement.