Monday, January 22, 2007

What a weekend

We had a busy weekend and I have a million things I want to do this morning now! This post doesn't have much to do with adoption so you may want to skip my rambling today.

First of all I was very excited to discover that our local big box store had some of the exact varieties of vegetable seeds that I was planning to order from a large seed company. This is great for me as a city gal because I was feeling guilty about ordering a packet of 200 seeds to only end up planting...5 or so. So here is a picture of the beginnings of my own city veggie garden. I usually plant one every year and change my strategy the next year to try to do better. This year I'm going to try container gardening (again) with new self watering containers that will hopefully stand up to our hot hot hot summers.

DP had to buy a new printer/fax/scanner/copier for work and I've been setting it up and playing with it all morning. I'm very excited to be able to scan in some of the girls momentos to use in my digital scrapbooking. I saved Jo's hospital bracelet just for this purpose!

I also finally picked up some additional shelves to organize the hall closet. I know that may not excite some people....but I can be weird like that. I'm slowly organizing one closet a month with additional shelves, hanging rods, boxes, hooks and the like. I'm just practicing until I get up enough nerve to tackle the basement. Yikes.

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