Wednesday, June 6, 2007


We had our first big emergency yesterday. While walking down the front steps Josie fell off the side and sliced her lip open on the metal alarm company sign. We had just returned from 4 hours at the children's hospital during a new leg splint fitting for Lili. We turned around and went right back for another 5 hours in the emergency room.

After 4 stitches, some glue and two worried mamas, everything is fine. I'm so surprised at how well it looks it was a really big gash. I felt awful and guilty that I wasn't there to protect my babygirl. But these things happen right? (someone tell me these things happen, kids fall and I'm not a horrible mom)

So here is her first day of school pic....stitches and all. I love her hair like this. Yeah for new hair pretties.


Anonymous said...

These things happen and you are not a terrible mom! When I was four, I fell and drove my two top front teethe right through my lower lip (there's still a scar). My mum ran around like a headless chicken, but I just remember being upset because I'd gotten blood all down my favourite pink T. shirt - and then being quite pleased because the doctor said that I needed to have lots of ice-lollies and frozen popsicles to keep the swelling in my lip down.

Maggie said...

Oh the poor kiddo! Ouch!

But yes, these things happen. Despite our best efforts kids get hurt. When I had my kiddo from Russia here we were at a friend's house and he was laying in a hammock while I sat on the deck. Next thing I know he's standing up in the hammock and went flying out of it smacking his head on a metal pole. I about jumped out of my skin. (He was fine, by the way. A few tears, but fine.)

Becky said...

I'm sure there are millions of stories. My daughter was sliding down the slide I put on the stairs on rainy days and I went to the kitchen just long enough for her to replace the cushion at the bottom with her wooden chair. The resulting lump on her forehead was the size of an egg and FAST. Terrified me, but ice made it go down and she was fine. More interested in eating ice than worrying.

The measure of our mom-ability is in the reaction to the event, not the accident itself!

PS. I love what you do with their hair. I'm so impressed!!

FosterMommy said...

it totally happens all the time. i can't count how many times I've watched our friends' kids fall from heights onto asphalt, hitting their heads so hard it would knock out an adult. and then they cry for a minute and jump up to play some more. My step-brother got a deep gash on his hand when a glass he was washing shattered. You gonna keep the girls from doing dishes? :)

and her hair is really pretty, but her face is SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!!

MommyNay said...

she is gorgeous!

Lionmom said...

You are so good with hair!

Sorry about the lip emergency, but she looks happy now!