Monday, June 18, 2007

June Hair

When I'm doing a long term hairstyle (anything I want to last for 3 weeks or more) I build it up and take it down. With Jo's current hairstyle the first few days I just cornrowed the front and had the back in piggy poofs. Then I did a few box braids in the back and added beads. Then the next step in the hair style I'll put it in piggies. A few days later I will change the beads. Then a few days later I will divide and rebraid the back box braids so there are more, smaller braids. This time I then put all of the braids into two buns. This is my newest favorite style. I love Jo's hair in piggy poofs but getting it to stay clean and pretty is a challenge now that her hair is so long. This new style allows me to have that look and it stays nicely for days with minimal upkeep for me. I love it. (do you see her lip scar in the picture? my poor baby)


fostermama said...

I'm jealous. I want to play!
Jo looks great in these pics.
Lots of boys around here wear cornrows, and I have seen some sort of interesting patterns on boys, but it's just not the same. Assuming Squeak's hair grows in nappy (seems likely).

Maybe when Niblet's older she and her mom will let me do her hair sometimes... I won't be as good as you are, though. No practice.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am glad that youare able to do AA hair. I hate to see kids that suffer in White placements and have horrible hairstyles. I love to do AA Hair.

Beth said...

I was wondering how you got them to sit still for so long! It makes sense that you do it in stages.

I'm trying to find time in our schedule (hers and mine!) when I can practice more on Munchkin's hair. The compromise right now is that we pay someone to do it once or twice a month, and then I take it out myself and practice braiding for a few days in between. It doesn't look bad when I do it, but it looks TERRIFIC when Loretta does it at day care!

Ahauna said...

Love the hair and she is just beautiful!

I wish I lived close by so you could teach me. I've been putting Ad's hair in puppytails everyday and even that is torture because she wiggles and fights. How do you get the girls to stay?