Monday, June 11, 2007

Another gray hair

Jo started preschool just fine. The teacher had to explain to the other kids that the shiny spot under her nose was glue & stitches and not boogers. LOL Of course that didn't last long because she picked off the glue and stitches just 4 days after they were in. (can I have a side of guilt with my guilt platter please?) By that time they can't re-stitch so it looks like we're in for a nasty scar on my beautiful girl. (Can I supersize my guilt platter?)

But the real reason I'm going gray this week is that during naptime yesterday the girls were playing in their room and Jo thought a good game of beat-my-sister-over-the-head-with-maracas would be fun. I walked into, quite literally, a bloody mess. Head wounds bleed. Alot. Clothes, floor, bedding, furniture, hair, toys...just about everything. (I'm sorry but can I just order the whole guilt menu?) We would have made another trip to the emergency room if a friend who just happens to be a pediatrician wasn't already here visiting. So Lili is fine, no stitches required. But the sisters are being separated for a while. Different chairs at the dining table, different rows in the minivan and different bedrooms.

So how long does sibling rivalry last?


Maggie said...

Oh my. The things kids will do. And head wounds do bleed profusely, don't they? I fell on my porch steps a few years back and was sure I had split my head right open. When I got the bleeding to slow enough to see the cut I was taken aback. It was about a quarter inch long -- the wimpiest little, nothing of a cut you've ever seen. In any case, I'm glad the maracas didn't do any serious harm.

Beth said...

Wow. Ouch.

Shea butter helps a lot with scarring. You probably knew that already, though.

Anonymous said...

Sibling rivalry ends? My stepdaugters are at 16 years and counting.