Sunday, April 1, 2007

Can I just whine for sec?

Lili has come soooo far. I know that. Developmentally, socially and attachment-wise. She really has made great strides.

But why does she still have a nervous breakdown when we go into a store? Not a fit or a tantrum....but a complete meltdown. Hitting me, sobbing uncontrollably, wailing so loud everyone turns around to see if I'm killing my child. Why? I ask her what she wants.....Do you want to sit in the cart? Do you want to walk? I once had to sit on the floor in an aisle at Target rocking her like a baby and singing lullabies for 15-20 minutes before I could get her calmed down enough to even leave. I would gladly bribe her with sweets and toys if it would make a difference.

Sensory overload? Attachment issues? Trying to drain yo-mama syndrome?


MommyNay said...

My vote is for sensory overload, does she have ptsd? Does a sling help atall? Olivia had many sensory issues when she was younger, she loved it if I slung her in the maya and tossed the tail over her head. I cant even begin to imagine not being able to go into a saves my sanity.

FosterMommy said...

Yeah, I totally vote for sensory overload. The florescent lighting, the huge indoor space, the tons of people and beep-beeping of registers. It's a sensory nightmare - especially a Target-like store.
Even here at Chez Fostermoms, fostermama becomes pretty cranky if we're in a big-box store for very long.

A sling is a good idea. maybe a hip or back carry where she can face you and bury her face into your body if she's feeling overwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy do I understand! I think I'm going to try slinging her in the store from now on too.

Fostermama said...

With 3 little ones I never leave the house without a carrier. I have a few stashed in the car "just in case" Having her in a kangaroo or tummy-to-tummy carry is the only way I can continue shopping.