Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Call

My last placement, Baby Ekida, was moved to the foster home that had her older sibling. I was just updated by her CASA worker that her case will be moving to terminate parental rights and recommend adoption by the foster parents. I'm happy that she will have some permanency rather quickly and that she will share her life with her sibling.

I'm sad to hear that her family may need us again. Mom is pregnant and they have asked if we would be willing to take the new baby when it comes into care. We said yes. The other foster family is unable to take any more children and they know that we will maintain sibling contact.

I don't know if we will actually get called, mom has tried to hide this pregnancy and she left the state to give birth to Ekida in order to escape DFS.

So for now...we wait and see.

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Process said...

I work in a city that borders another state. Our clients cross the border (or tell us they are going to cross the border) to live in the other state all the time. THEY ALWAYS COME BACK. We are what they know. If they had the resources, personal and financial, to start over in another place, then they would also have the resources to care for their children.