Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sugar Free

So let me just tell y'all right now that giving up sugar is a lot like giving up cigarettes.....but boy do I actually FEEL BETTER. Wow. I really do have more energy. Halloween was the worst day though. Just seeing all that candy coming and knowing I could have any. Torture.

But more about the life of a foster parent......

CJ's parents have disappeared. I'm hoping they just lost their apartment and haven't been someplace where they can call the SW. I'm praying mom isn't pregnant again and trying to hide. (ya know that would happen after I give away my baby stuff)


Maggie said...

Giving up sugar is a good thing to do even if you don't have diabetes. Way to go!

Susan said...

Congratulations on the sugar kick!

I got rid of much of my baby stuff two weeks ago. (TWO WEEKS AGO) Last Friday we found out that we will VERY likely be getting Lily's birth sister in the next couple of weeks!