Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sugar Sugar

When we came home from vacation I was determined to get myself back in order.
2. Remember to schedule my own doctors appointments.
My DP is convinced my thyroid is out of whack. My mom and oldest sister have thyroid issues and have been on sythetic replacement for years. I was a little alarmed that the checklist online fits me in every catagory. When I first became a new mom I stopped getting pap smears and ended up in the early stages of cervical cancer.....take care of me first, take care of me first...chant with me now.
I made my doctors appointment as I promised myself I would and got my lab results back yesterday. My thyroid is fine...but I'm diabetic. My doctor has given me six week to try control it with diet and exercise before she prescribes pills. I love that I have a doctor that is willing to work with me (especially since we don't have domestic partner benefits and pay out the wazoo for my insurance) and give me some control over my own health choices.

I'm also very mad at myself and more than a little embarrassed. This is all a result of my own poor choices. Sugar, caffeine, carbs, sugar, caffeine, carbs, energy crash....repeat cycle. I'm overweight and unhealthy. I already had one wake up call in June when another sister had a heart attack.

I'm hoping that drastically changing my diet (no sugar, almost no carbs) will give me enough energy to start working out. Because really, after making breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dressing & undressing, changing diapers, brushing teeth, braiding hair, cleaning, dishes, laundry .....I rarely have enough energy to go to bed.

But man I'm gonna miss my sugar.


Yondalla said...

I had a diabetic pregnancy. I was able to control it with diet and exercise -- although it is easier when you are counting down, you know?

And I am at high risk, and it is so difficult to do what we need to do.

Susan said...

There is a great book that I think is called The Sugar Addicts Total Recovery Plan and the same author wrote on about children called Little Sugar Addicts. It is a complete plan to sugar free living. If you have kids who were exposed or toxic at birth it is truly a "must read" but it will really help you too. There is a website as well. I don't know the address but search for Radiant Recovery and it will come up.
You won't believe me anyway, but you will not really miss the sugar once you are off if you use the plan (once it is out of your system, you won't crave it even if you don't use the plan, but it is far less painful with the plan)

fostermama said...

Not an easy change, but feels great when it's done!
Good luck getting the diabetes under control - that would freak me right out.