Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I've been trying to write a post (and email back a fellow foster parent....I'm still with ya Beth) and none of my words are coming out right. I swear the older I get less and less stays in my head. I'll be going towards something look to the side at the cat and forget what I was walking towards. Information falls out randomly. But anyway.

I've been babywearing since Jo was born. I found information about Kangaroo care when looking for help for preemies. That lead to babywearing. I started out making my own ring slings then Mei Tais. I later starting purchasing carriers at after I became too busy with babies to sit down and sew. I have a ring sling, a wrap, a few mei tais, a podeagi and now two soft structured carriers. CJ has been my biggest baby yet and I recently starting looking for a heavy duty carrier to keep up with his weight gain. Yesterday my new carrier came in. I'm still fiddling with it and getting used to a high tech carrier but take a look at my Beco Baby Carrier.

It came at just the right time. We've all ended up with vicious colds. CJ has started wanting nothing but mama. He fell asleep in the Beco yesterday when I was just trying it on. He is clinging to me most of the day even though he's crawling like a champ and already pulling up to stand.


fostermama said...

Yay for babywearing!
We love our Moby Wrap for little ones & Ergo for bigger ones.

Squeak has been very clingy as he's in the process of learning to crawl, and we spent a good bit of yesterday with him in the Ergo even aroubd the house, just so Mama could get up and walk around without carrying Mr. 18 lbs in her arms constantly. :)

Lucky CJ to get to cuddle in a snuggly spot on Mom.

Angel The Alien said...

I love seeing people wearing their babies! I don't have a baby but if I ever do I'm going to wear him! :)