Thursday, December 14, 2006

Toddle away

I love my babies. I mourned the day they turned two and up until just a few weeks ago I still had newborn cries in the house. But every day I'm loving the toddler years more and more. Being able to talk to Jo on a regular basis is just about the only thing that keeps me sane....not being able to talk to Lili drives both of us nuts daily. I can't wait for Lili to start her preschool because it is an intensive speech program. .....but as usual I'm getting away from my point.

This evening I asked Josie what we should do about supper. She stated clearly "we eat pizza on couch, watch TV" -my inner mommy wanted to speak up and talk about healthy vegetables, table manners and limiting television viewing.....but I thought for a moment and said "that sounds like a fabulous idea"

We broke out into a rendition of "Pizza, couch tonight" (sung to the Finding Nemo tune -No eating here tonight) and I preheated the oven.

My back still hurts....but not as much as my overcompensating butt and calf muscles.

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