Thursday, December 14, 2006

My hair hobby

Some people have hobbies like crafts, reading, knitting...lately mine has been hair. As an adoptive mom of two kinky, curly haired daughters I do hair daily. As an artist and creative spirit I create hair art daily. As a SAHM I often rebraid, oil, brush, condition or generally play with the girls hair anytime I get a whim or a new idea. I love learning new dos, buying new products and finding new beads, snaps and other hair pretties. Almost 1/3 of the girls gift budget this holiday was spent on good hair products that will last us almost a year.

I'm really intent on becoming a great cornrower. Not just okay, passable and kinda good. I want to be a professional quality braider. I love the creative parts and patterns the relaxing repetitive motion. I drool over great pics of cowrie shell designs, basketweave parts....This style is my goal for 2007.


fostermama said...

ooo... me too me too. I love that style. I saw one on a little girl on the bus a couple months ago that I can't wait to try. Unfortunately FD-now-goddaughter hates hates hates having her hair done and since we only have her once/week I don't want to spend our time together doing something she dislikes. When she's older (she's 18 monts old) hopefully I'll get to do it again. But a friend just got an AA FD with the thickest fullest head of hair I've ever seen on a baby (she's 10 months). I think I'm going to have to go over there and try to get her to sit still at some point soon. LOVE BRAIDING!
(I started to worry that I was fetishizing AA hair, and then reminded myself that I fetishize ALL hair. :)

fostermama said...

Gonna go post on my blog with a couple non-identifying braid pictures. I have to show off to someone who will appreciate it. :)