Thursday, December 28, 2006

6 Weird Things

So Baggage tagged me to play a game of "6 Weird Things About Me" - the rules are you post your 6 things then "tag" someone else.....I don't really know 6 other bloggers (isn't that sad somehow?) so I'm just going to ramble about my personal weirdnocity.

1. I think I might be clutterphobic. My mood can be tied to how messy the house is. Having alot of knick knacks and "things" to look at can make me tense and I can't concentrate.

2. I can go days without seeing the outside of these walls. I'm a SAHM and I often get so wrapped up in diapers, naps, therapies, housework and meal planning that I don't leave the house for days at a time. Especially in the winter.

3. I ahdore reality TV. I know you're thinking "that's not so weird" but, with TIVO the possibilities are endless thus my addiction to multitudes of shows like: Little People Big World, I Shouldn't Be Alive, Beauty & The Geek, America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, Top Chef, Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and soon...You're the One That I Want.

4. I don't really like chocolate. I don't hate it, there's not really anything I won't eat. But, given a choice I'd choose licorice or fruit flavored hard candy over a chocolate bar. I prefer fruit in my ice cream too.

5. I'm continually trying to perfect a process to everything. I have a formula for meal planning, house cleaning, bathing, drving to the park, organizing the spice name it...I break it down into a problem, produce requirements for solving the problem and find a solution that satisfies those requirements and makes the process both effecient and easy to follow. Blame it on my education as a designer.

6. It can't be too hot. I like to keep the thermostat at 76 degrees minimum....I just recently found out that it was weird - I was shocked to find out that most people keep thiers between 68-70. I like to take showers and baths that turn my skin red. I love the heat of summer and the sun on my face.

So there's the tip of the iceberg that is my weirdness. I know that I probably have some tendencies toward ADD and OCD and probably some sensory integration issues. But, being the non-employed spouse in a same sex relationship also means I don't get health care benefits. But that's the tip of the iceberg for a totally different post.


Chris Sapp said...

I stumbled across you through Open Window and had to comment beacuse I guess I'm weird too beacuse our "weirdness" parralled too much for me not to comment :-) I'm most definitely "clutterphobic." In fact, my son just found me talking to myself as I was having a mini anxiety attack as I was trying to find a place for all of our new "stuff" from Christmas. I'd be happy staying in all the time. I LOVE, love, love reality tv. Just can't get enough of it. My current faves are American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and Project Runway. I do like chocolate, but I prefer fruit over it any day. I can't perfect anything, so I'm not with ya on #5. I'm SO with you on #6. I just can't be too hot. I would love to be able to have my thermomstat set on 76 but the rest of the fam won't go for that. I do, however, keep my electric blanket on well into the summer. I, too, could have an IEP for OCD and perhaps some ADD concerns :-) Just had to share that you are not alone sister!

Fostermama said...'s always good to know we're not alone!

Anonymous said...

Geo is constantly turning my thermostat down, but I wish I could keep it on 80. I've got a space heater in my office so I'm not cold!