Friday, January 12, 2007

The Lists

I wrote previously in this post about my frustration with waiting child lists not being available to all waiting parents. We have requested our local DFS lists just so we would be able to advocate for some of our friends currently starting their journey through the system.

This week we recieved the first of these lists. Just one CW's caseload of 40 waiting children.

Today we had one profile emailed to us from our homestudy worker. A two year old girl in between the ages of my two year old girls. Perfect health, no developmental delays and good attachment to her current caregiver. They're looking for homestudies to present to committee by January 31st.

Hint. Hint.


baggage said...

Are you looking at sending in your homestudy? If not, I'd be interested! :)

Fostermama said...

We will not be sending our homestudy. Even though we are interested in adopting again, we are very intrigued with the idea that some children are 9 months older or younger than their siblings. A novel idea to us!

I'll email you the info!

Maggie said...

I'm only approved for kids 4-12 (it's what I feel best prepared for). And, my heart is pretty invested in "Slugger" the 9 year old boy I'm going to committee for. But if you get any "hints" that fit the 4-12 age range, please post those, too! :-)

fostermama said...

We're looking for a newborn. I don't suppose they actually have any under 3 months who are freed for adoption, do they? I'm sure there are places for kids that age in-county. But, I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask. Sex & race not important, drug exposure or other health issues are ok in many cases.

fostermama said...

oops, I'm realizing that it's probably confusing for me to be posting on your blog using the same display name as you. that last post was not the fostermama who writes this blog, but a different fostermama. Perhaps I should use a nickname here to indicate the difference... TOFM (the other fostermama :)

baggage said... you know if I am too late on this little girl? Somethings have changed and I am interested but I know it says the 31st. I'd love to hear of any other kids you know about..I seem kind of stuck with nothing happening.