Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Snuggle Puppy

So this past weekend we actually took the plunge and *gulp* gave away all of our baby clothes. Now even if they told me the biggest sob story I'll have to say no (and I NEED to say no) and not take another baby. It actually doesn't feel as huge as I thought...more natural than anything. It's quite funny to me that most "typical" couples would include some form of birth control in their family planning at this point, and we are just passing on supplies as our family planning technique. LOL

To keep you updated on CJ's case.....well first let me say that I LOVE this bouncy baby boy. Oh does he have my heart in his hands. He is SOOOO my snuggle puppy.

His mom has been missing court since she got out of rehab and for the first time, dad missed too. The judge discussed taking the case out of the special drug court program and we're expecting that to happen at the next court date. I'm hoping that will make the situation better. As it is the SW actually said last week "I think mom is using" and mentioned that CJ's sister was home at the time. Yet still did nothing to protect the little girl! As a mandated reporter shouldn't I report that? To whom? The social worker that told me? GRRRRRRRR Really guys, I feel that I should do something, but what? What's better... getting dragged into this failed system or watching your mom get high on heroine?


Maggie said...

How frustrating. I have a situation, too, that I struggle with. But while I think the system is miserably failing the child in question there's not a stinking thing I can do about it.

(Could I be more vague? It's just a situation I can't/won't blog about until some progress is made.)

fostermama said...

How sick.
You could always make a hotline report. It would go to the same SW, but maybe get taken more seriously?
Can you actually get your kids taken away for using drugs around them? I thought the rule was that there had to be a sober adult around. Maybe that's different by locale.

Your question about which is worse is a hard one, though. I can't say I know the answer. If mom is really headed down a bad path and doesn't seem to be stopping, getting her out of there sooner than later is probably best. Cuz staying or leaving will both get worse as she gets older.

Anonymous said...

Location, location, location. Here in NJ a parent's using illegal substances is enough to have them declared unfit & they don't get custody back until they're clean.