Saturday, August 4, 2007

Amazon's grocery store

This past week I got all of my amazon grocery orders in. I give it two thumbs way up! Here's the scoop.

Amazon has tons of grocery items now and you can get order just about anything that you can typically find at a grocery or retail store. They sell in bulk like a Costco or Sams but there is no membership fee and everything over $25 has free shipping. Bulk items delivered to your door rocks. No carrying big boxes of stuff to your car or into the house. With three little ones this was the biggest selling point to me. But I'm still very financially conservative (cheapskate) so I only ordered items that we use regularly: laundry soap, dryer sheets, toilet paper and trash Bags. I only ordered items that were comparable or lower prices than I normally find during local sales.

Here's the best part though....Every month amazon has different sale items, my best find was one of these sale items. If you bought so much of the All brand (I bought soap and dryer sheets) you got an additional $15 off your order. Then when I received my shipment some of the bottles must have been squeezed during shipment because it was a gloopy mess. I called amazon and they immediately sent me an entire replacement shipment at no charge. So I got.....drumroll......18 bottles of laundry soap for $40. Hello, I love amazon grocery.


Martha said...

Wow! I'm going to have to check that out! Although, there's only two of us, and bulk items could last us years. One time I bought Altoids from Amazon and they literally lasted 4 years! I probably saved a couple of dollars from just buying them at the checkout stand. :)

Anonymous said...

This post just made me want to shipping? I know you can imagine Costco with 4 littles ages 4 and under? Pulling one cart and pushing another(each holding two kids and tons of heavy bulk items) I never knew about this! Im hooked! THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you KNOW I'm heading off to check this out right now. Grocery shopping is the current bane of my existence.......THANKS!!!!!!