Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bumper Crop

I'm lovin the garden right now. I wish I could grow lawn in little pots. This year's garden helps me plan next years garden and what I need to do differently. First I need to plant ONE tomato plant. Lili and I are the only ones who will eat them. I need to plant half the amount of bell peppers - they have done sooo well and everyone likes them....but we're soooo sick of bell peppers and the plants are still growing strong.

I've started gathering seeds from flowers that I see going to seed (daylilies in parking lots, hibiscus at the zoo) and I'm going to clear out one planter just for flower starts.

I'm going to get my mom and MIL these planters for next year and build some stands for them. My mom even printed out the above picture and showed all her neighbors what her citified daughter is growing. I love it.


Marie said...

That is an adorable picture.

Have you tried freezing chopped green peppers? They thaw a little soggy so you can't use them as a fresh vegetable but they work great on pizzas and in menus that require cooking.

Just a suggestion for your bounty. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

Fostermama said...

I actually hadn't thought of freezing them. I've been sending quite a bit of tomatoes to my mom to be canned but I hadn't really started freezing anything. That would be perfect for fajitas though.

Martha said...

Oooooo, impressive!