Saturday, October 18, 2008


Even though summer has waned I'm still busy trying to squeeze in a few more things....winter onions, more peas and spinach and lettuce.

I'm obsessively seed saving too. I bought some beautiful striped eggplant from the farmers market last week just for the seeds. Fall is always what gets me in trouble.

The planning of next years garden is always so exciting. I'll be cursing myself next year when spring opens up and I have way too many projects planned.

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fostermama said...

Every fall I commit to doing a simple garden, focusing on lower-maintenance plants that are fun to grow and have high yields for their space & energy expenses.
Then spring comes and I pick up all these seeds for fun veggies & herbs, and can't resist planting them all.

This is the first year I've managed to get in fall greens, and it was fun to have a soup full of chard and some kind of other green (I forget what unusual one I planted - it was just whatever packets I had leftover) that I'd just grown since the regular garden season had ended.

Your post reminds me that it's time to plant garlic. It's one of our favorite crops.

Have fun with your garden!