Monday, July 14, 2008

More Seizures

I'm beginning to feel pretty akin to Owlhaven today.

Choo Choo had another seizure today, very different from his previous ones. He lost consciousness during the seizure. This one is very serious since he had the seizure while on anti-seizure medication.

However no one in Nuerology is calling me back. We have a regularly scheduled appointment next week. Don't these people know I'm going crazy.

I'm regretting selling my pack n play, co-sleeper and baby hammock. Since his last seizures came in a group I want to keep a close eye on him.

1 comment:

owlhaven said...

Oh, dear... you have my FULL sympathy!!

Mary, hoping my kid doesn't seize tonight (it would be the first night in a week if she doesn't)